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Written by William Zhu   

Special Session on Rough sets and intelligent systems

Call for Papers

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Rough set theory, initiated by Zdzislaw I. Pawlak in the early eighties, provides approximations of concepts in the presence of incomplete information. It combines a deep mathematical apparatus, closely linked to logic, algebra and topology, with a practical framework for describing and exploiting dependencies in data analysis, and has been applied successfully, amongst others, to clustering, classification and feature and instance selection. It also has been fruitfully hybridized with fuzzy set concepts to combine their mutual strengths into a framework for modelling and handling uncertainty, vagueness and noise often present in reality.

In this session, we welcome original work focusing on theory and/or applications of rough set techniques.


Topics of the special session include:

  • Logical and algebraic foundations
  • Hybridizations: fuzzy-rough, neuro-rough, rough GA, probabilistic rough sets, …
  • Rough set data reduction
  • Rough set classification and clustering
  • Rough set approaches to information retrieval
  • Rough mereology
  • Real-world applications

Paper Submission

Please follow the instructions given at the corresponding section.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 28 April 2011 )
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