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Written by Marcin Szczuka   

Since the beginning of Rough Sets lot of papers have been published. This page is meant to give you some idea and make search for appropriate reference easier. It contains reference to publication database , educational material software , and  lists of relevant publications collected by different persons .

The Rough Set Database System

The Rough Set Database System (RSDS) is an online service making it possible to browse and search the database of bibliographic data about publications related to the area of Rough Sets.

The database is expanding and stands a good chance to become THE source for Rough Set bibliographical information.

Guides, tutorials etc.

  1. A. Skowron, N. Zhong. Slides for the tutorial presented at PAKDD 2000 
  2. R. Słowiński, S. Greco, B. Matarazzo. Rough Set Analysis of Preference-Ordered Data -  Slides for the lecture presented at RSCTC 2002 


Lists of publications

Reference lists are provided in different formats. Compressed (zipped) versions are also available to make download faster.

  1. Publications ordered by authors. Courtesy of W. Ziarko. Compiled on December 1993 with further additions. File 1/2 and file 2/2. Additions: file 1 and file 2. All files are plain text.
  2. Publication list from AI LAB. Courtesy of Z. Pawlak and ICS WUT. Compiled on March 1998. Latex , Postscript, Zip.
  3. Reference list by A. Skowron, L. Polkowski. Compiled on May 1998. Latex , Postscript, Zip.
  4. List of papers published at Second Chinese Rough Sets and Soft Computing, Suzhou, China, 10-12 October, 2002. Zip (MS-Doc)
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