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Welcome to the International Rough Set Society
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International Rough Set Society (IRSS) is a non-profit organisation intended as a forum for contacts and exchange of information between members of scientific community whose research is related to the Rough Set Theory.More...

Last Updated ( Saturday, 25 February 2012 )
Appointed IRSS Fellows and Senior Members
Written by Chris Cornelis   
We are happy to announce the list of nominated  Fellows and Senior Members:

IRSS Fellows:

Andrzej Skowron (Poland)
Benedetto Matarazzo (Italy)
Chris Cornelis (Spain)
Dominik Slezak (Poland)
Duoqian Miao (China)
Guoyin Wang (China)
Jerzy Grzymala-Busse (USA)
Jiye Liang (China)
JingTao Yao (Canada)
Ning Zhong (Japan)
Piero Pagliani (Italy)
Roman Slowinski (Poland)
Shusaku Tsumoto (Japan)
Tianrui Li (China)
Tsau-Young Lin (USA)
Wojciech Ziarko (Canada)
Yiyu Yao (Canada)

IRSS Senior Members:

C C Chan (USA)
Davide Ciucci (Italy)
Dun Liu (China)
Hiroshi Sakai (Japan)
Hong Yu (China)
Jusheng Mi (China)
Masahiro Inuiguchi (Japan)
Mihir Chakraborty(India)
Mohua Banerjee (India)
Pawan Lingras (Canada)
Qinghua Hu (China)
Ryszard Janicki (Canada)
Weizhi Wu (China)
Xianzhong Zhou (China)
Yuhua Qian (China)
Zbigniew W Ras (USA)
Zhiwen Yu (China)
2016 International Joint Conference on Rough Sets (IJCRS 2016) to be held in Antofagasta, Chile
Written by Chris Cornelis   
The 2016 International Joint Conference on Rough Sets (IJCRS 2016) is the prime international conference sponsored by the International Rough Set Society (IRSS). It encapsulates four main tracks which refer to major rough set conferences held so far:
Rough Sets and Data Science  (in relation to RSCTC series organized since 1998)
Rough Sets and Granular Computing (in relation to RSFDGrC series organized since 1999)
Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology (in relation to RSKT series organized since 2006)
Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems (in relation to RSEISP series organized since 2007)
We welcome
- People working in various fields related to theoretical foundations and practical applications of rough sets
- People working in other fields, wishing to discuss  their results and experiences with rough set community
- People dealing with real-world problems, wishing to share their specifics and look for new inspirations
Important Dates

1st round paper submissions: March 1, 2016
1st round acceptance notices: April 15, 2016
2nd round paper submissions: May  1, 2016
2nd round acceptance notices: June 15, 2016
Camera-ready papers due: July 1, 2016
See also our Upcoming Conferences section for more details.

We look forward to seeing you in Antofagasta!
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 22 December 2015 )
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